How to take care of your blooms, flower care

How to take care of your blooms

Bouqie blooms make a stunning gift for all occasions and events, or even just a treat to your self!

They can brighten any room or space, add wonderful scents and fragrances & bring back or help create fond memories.

Unfortunately they won’t last forever, so here is our quick and easy care guide to make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy them for the maximum amount of time.

How long do flowers last?

Most floral arrangements will last between 4-7 days, so here are some tips on how you can keep your blooms fresh and fabulous for longer: These will apply for any single stem, full bouquet or foam arrangement.


After receiving your delivery:

Don’t forget these are able to be kept just like that for the first 24 hours!

Carefully unwrap your gorgeous new flowers & remove the bag/wrapping.

Cut each stem 2cm diagonally with a sharp knife or clean pair of scissors - an approximately  45 degree angle is recommended best, this allows the blooms a broader area to absorb water and ensure maximum hydration.
A knife is recommended to avoid crushing the delicate stems.
This step is crucial - as uncut stems will sit flat on the  base of the vase & won’t be able to absorb fresh, clean water.

Use a clean, thoroughly washed vase to ensure there is no bacteria, chemical residue or other nasties that will damage your lovely new stems. Also select a vase that is an appropriate size for your arrangement to avoid  overcrowding the blooms.

Fill the vase with lukewarm/room temperature water to your desired level & trim any foliage/leaves/blooms below the water line as they will decay and cause bacteria to grow.

We recommend on average to fill the vase two thirds of the way up.

All stems should have access to water or you may need to select a larger vase.

Your new blooms will live longer if you place the vase somewhere away from direct sunlight/heat/fireplaces/draughts and not near appliances such as microwaves and televisions.


Also avoid fruit bowls and displays as some fruits may prematurely age your bouquet.

Now sit back and enjoy the sight and scent of your stunning new display, you'd deserve it!


Maintaining your new arrangement:

Every second to third day check your arrangement for dead or wilted flowers/leaves and faded foliage. These need to be removed to keep the rest of your display healthy.

 Also change and replace your water with fresh water to avoid any cloudiness & to maintain a high level of oxygen for your plants.

 You can add flower food and/or preservative to the fresh water if you have chosen to use any (as per the packet instructions).

These simple steps will ensure your new bouquet stays healthy, hydrated, nourished & lives for as long as possible!