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Get The Finest Dried Flower Arrangements in Sydney

Introducing Bouqie’s dried flower arrangements in Sydney. Whether it's a heartfelt gift, a captivating centerpiece, or a lasting symbol of love, our preserved floral collection adds a touch of eternal grace to any space.

Each bouquet is carefully curated and arranged to evoke a sense of wonder and admiration. Schedule it for a specific time or day, last-minute orders, or monthly preserved flower delivery service in Sydney, you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Experience the Lasting Charm of Preserved Flowers in Sydney


Searching for “preserved flowers near me?” Well, when it comes to floral arrangements that stand the test of time, Bouqie will never fail to surprise you. Our preserved flowers come with numerous advantages, such as:

  • Their impressive lifespan allows you to relish their beauty for weeks or even months.
  • With minimal upkeep required, simply find a cool, dry spot and enjoy their everlasting charm.

At Bouqie, we exclusively source and preserve the flowers to its original colour and structure for a longer period of time. They look and feel like fresh flowers only!

Do not think, rethink, order now!

Preserved Flowers for Every Purpose

At Bouqie, we offer a wide range of creative possibilities for adding the natural beauty and charm of Sydney flowers to your personal or professional use. Our dried flower arrangements are carefully chosen to present a lasting memory.

Home Decor:

We create stunning floral displays in vases. Use them to adorn your shelves, mantels, or coffee tables. Their long-lasting nature ensures that your home will be filled with their timeless beauty for months to come.

Event Decor:

Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or corporate gathering, preserved roses can be artfully arranged into breathtaking centrepieces, bouquets, or even hanging installations.

Gift Giving:

Make thoughtful and unique gifts for various occasions ( birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, or a simple gesture of appreciation). Combine dried flowers with other gift items for a truly special package.

Retail Displays:

Enhance product displays and create an eye-catching visual impact. From fashion boutiques to home decor stores, dried flower arrangements attract customers.

Bespoke Preserved Flower Bouquets in Sydney

Immerse yourself in the artistry of our dried flower arrangements. Each creation is meticulously designed to showcase the natural beauty and texture of preserved flowers Sydney.

Our collection features a variety of stunning options, including

  • Ophelia red flowers - made from hydrangea, Italian ruscus, silk flower, fox tail, palm.
  • Fairy pink - made up of hydrangea, Italian ruscus, ginkgo, baby's breath, rice flower, and peony flower.
  • Charlotte pink - made using hydrangea, Italian ruscus, billy button, amaranthus, misty, peony, and palm.

All you need to do is to select the flowers, and we will do the rest. Bouqie will ensure the best dried floral arrangements Sydney residents have ever witnessed!

Preserved Flowers Bouquet + Gifts

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or another milestone, these dried flower arrangements exude a natural and romantic ambience. Double the fun and club it with a deluxe assortment of thoughtful gift items that will delight the recipient.

From aromatic candles, mugs, and tea infusers to delectable artisanal chocolates, we have plenty of combo gift options.

Place Your Preserved Flowers Wholesale Orders in Sydney

At Bouqie, we supply high-quality preserved flowers wholesale orders in Sydney, catering to the growing demands of the floral industry.

  • Our collection includes various species of Sydney flowers, colours, and arrangements.
  • We maintain optimal stock levels, enabling us to fulfill wholesale orders of all sizes.
  • We offer flexible options ( individual stems, bouquets, or flower bunches) to suit your varying business preferences.
  • We strive to offer competitive wholesale pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Our dedicated team assists throughout the ordering process, ensuring a seamless experience and a lasting partnership.

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Why Choose Us?


In whatever we do, sustainability is the first consideration. Bouqie believes in responsible sourcing practices that minimise environmental impact and support local communities. By opting for dried flower arrangements, you're choosing a sustainable alternative to fresh blooms that reduces water consumption and waste. 

Personalised Service

Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting a special event, or simply treating yourself to a touch of floral luxury, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way to find the perfect dried flower arrangement for any occasion. From customising colours and styles, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


One of the many joys of dried flower arrangements is their versatility. With a diverse range of colours, textures, and shapes to choose from, you'll find endless possibilities to express your unique personality and aesthetic preferences.


At Bouqie, we take pride in our craftsmanship. Each dried flower arrangement is expertly crafted by skilled artisans who possess a deep understanding of floral aesthetics and design. We source only the finest dried blooms from trusted growers and suppliers, ensuring that every arrangement reflects the highest standards of quality and beauty. 

Contact Us

For immediate assistance, please contact our customer service team at 0422 524 269. You can also connect with us on social media to stay updated on our latest products, promotions, and floral inspiration. 

Frequently Asked questions

  • 1. What is the difference between dried and preserved flowers?

    Dried flowers and preserved flowers are both methods of preserving the beauty of real flowers, but they differ in the preservation process and their characteristics. Dried flowers are air-dried naturally or using desiccants, while preserved flowers undergo a special preservation treatment.

  • 2. What types of preserved flowers are available in your arrangements?

    We offer an exciting variety, including

    • dried leatherleaf fern in soft white and beige hues
    • dried hydrangeas with a fluffy texture
    • dried bunny tails resembling fluffy rabbit tails
    • classic preserved Italian Ruscus in a clean, crisp white palette

    We keep on adding new to the existing collection. Keep checking the space!

  • 3. How long do they last?

    They can last for weeks or even months, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for an extended period. With proper care and placement in a cool, dry spot, they will maintain their pristine appearance.

  • 4. Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

    Yes, we announce discounts from time to time. Browse and grab preserved flowers wholesale discounts! Rest assured the flowers are originally sourced from trusted and vetted growers in Sydney only.